Kuiper Remote Engineer Credits

Kuiper Remote Engineer Credits

Kuiper Remote Engineer Credits are The Gateway to Flexible and Reliable IT Support

For 7 years, Kuiper have offered expert IT Support to SMBs, but did you know we also offer what we call Remote Engineer Credits, an innovative Pre-Paid IT Support model. Our approach is not just about offering flexible and budget-friendly IT support, but it's also an ideal way for your businesses to trial services before committing to a longer-term contract.

When onboarding a new IT support partner, and if you are new to Kuiper, we completely understand that it is natural to want to test us out and see how good we are at providing services to your business. Kuiper’s Pre-Paid IT Support, or as we like to call them Remote Engineer Credits (RECs) offers you the perfect opportunity to get to know us and try us out. You can experience first-hand the quality and responsiveness of our support, get to know our team and their capabilities, before deciding on a longer engagement. Check out our fully Managed IT Support.

Why Choose Smart Hands?

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Flexibility, Scalability and Budget Control

Our Remote Engineer Credits are there for you to purchase a block of engineer hours in advance, using them as needed. This model is perfect if you have fluctuating IT demands, empowering you with the freedom to use our services without a long-term commitment. This Pre-Paid IT Support allows for better financial planning, with you knowing upfront what your IT support costs will be, enabling more effective budget management.

Each pre-paid unit represents an hour of expert engineer support. Whether it's for regular maintenance, urgent issues, or project-specific assistance, professional help is readily available. We even go one step further where other IT Support companies don’t. We allow you to consume this IT support in 30 minute segments, so if you need our help and it only takes us 20 minutes, we’ll only deduct 30 minutes from your credit. Some providers deduct the full hour leaving you with significantly less value for money.  As well as this, our model scales with your business growth and fosters a long-term relationship with Kuiper, leading to more personalised and effective IT support in the future. We would love nothing more than for us to have a long term partnership through our fully Managed IT Support, but you are very welcome to consume our IT Services via our Remote Engineer Credits as long as you continue to find the value from them.

In conclusion, Kuiper’s Pre-Paid IT Support in the form of our Remote Engineer Credits is the ideal solution for a business seeking flexible, cost-effective, and reliable IT services. Trust is a big thing, and we know this takes time. We’re in it for the long term, so we welcome you to dip the toe in the water, get to know us, and see how things go from there. This really is a perfect way to trial Kuiper as your new IT support partner, ensuring that the support aligns with your business's specific needs and expectations.

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