Acronis Advanced Email Security Services

Acronis Advanced Email Security Services

Stay ahead of today’s advanced email attacks

Email is the most used communication channel and also the most common target for hackers to spread phishing attacks, malware, spam, and other types of cyberattacks. The Acronis Cyber Protection Operation Center Report found that phishing was the vector used for 73% of successful attacks and that the average cost of a data breach was almost £4 million by the middle of 2023.

Email security should be the backbone of an organisation's cybersecurity posture. However, many companies aren’t fully protected because they rely on the built-in security their email service provider offers. This simply isn’t enough to protect against today’s email-based threats.

Acronis Mid-Year Cyberthreats Report 2023

Learn how you can have robust protection with Acronis' next-generation email security services that mitigate the risk of email-borne threats. Have any questions? Let’s set up a 10-minute call!