Barracuda - 13 email threat types to know about right now

Barracuda - 13 email threat types to know about right now

“Through 2023, BEC attacks will continue to double each year to over $5 billion and lead to large financial losses for enterprises.” Gartner, March 2020

Barracuda's wide range of high-performance network solutions are specifically designed to protect your threat vectors no matter where they reside. Whether it is a website, email, web application, or mobile device, Barracuda has the tools necessary for you to secure and optimise your network perimeter.

In today’s rapidly evolving environment, traditional email security solutions aren’t enough to protect businesses anymore. You must also effectively defend against sophisticated email threats that are often able to bypass defences by using backdoor techniques, including spoofing, social engineering, and fraud, to penetrate networks and wreak havoc.

While comprehensive email gateway defences provide a solid foundation, using a multi-layered protection strategy radically reduces susceptibility to email attacks and helps better defend your business, data, and people.

Find out how to radically reduce your susceptibility to targeted email attacks with our eBook: “13 email threat types to know about right now”.

Arm yourself with clear, actionable information about the latest attacks. From spam and malware to spear-phishing, account takeover, and cyber-extortion, use this book for a thorough explanation of these threat types to help you effectively defend your organisation against them.

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