Insurance and Warranty for Smartphones, Tablets and Laptops

Insurance and Warranty for Smartphones, Tablets and Laptops

Are you thinking of upgrading your smartphone or tablet in the near future? If so there are many questions you need to ask yourself when thinking about your next purchase. It’s a big investment and we use these smart devices everywhere now and never more than a few feet away from them at any given time. So if we are using them everywhere, have you asked yourself what happens if you lose it, if it gets damaged or even worse, stolen?

It’s definitely the right thing to do to consider if you need protection for your devices and take out a small insurance policy to be safe rather than sorry. As with many types of insurance, mobile protection has its naysayers, we have all been in a retail outlet and the pushy sales person is smiling and taking your money and then gives you the sob story about why you need to take out their insurance and tell you the manufacturer warranty won’t cover certain things. We have all been in the position where we have believed that protecting your phone or tablet in the event of loss, theft or damage is a waste of money. But before you decide, make sure you know the facts:

Replacements are expensive but don’t worry too much about the excess There may be an “excess” charge on your policy. Not many of our policies carry an excess charge but we will ensure you know when we quote you for it. Excess is a small fee when you are in the event that you need to claim. However, just because you have to pay an excess when making a claim doesn’t mean insurances are pointless; with insurance, you’ll still come out way ahead. Even with the small excess and original cost of your insurance, it will still be way below the price you will pay for a new phone.

A good case doesn’t cover everything While investing in a protective phone case is sensible and we would absolutely advocate that, since it’s all that comes between your smartphone or tablet and an unforgiving concrete floor, it doesn’t prevent lost, stolen, or irreparable damage. Kuiper can cover it all—loss, theft, accidental damage and technical malfunction.

Filing a claim is very easy Contrary to popular belief, filing a claim is not a pain in the neck. You can call our insurance phone line or fill out a form online. It’s that simple.

Outside repairs are risky You may not always have the option to get your phone fixed if it breaks. If your phone can be repaired, you have some options, but device repairs by non-authorised repairers often void the manufacturer warranty. It is best to know you are getting a legitimate, authorised repair under a financially regulated insurance policy.

Peace of mind – why would you want to worry? You probably won’t ever need it, but it’s nice to know it’s there. Some say there’s no point, and that’s fine. It’s personal preference. Until the worst happens and they are without a phone and need to pay through the nose. You may never lose your phone. You may never drop your phone in the toilet or launch it off the roof of a thirteen-story building. Similarly, you may also never get into a car accident, but you still need car insurance. The bottom line is, you’re taking a risk without phone insurance. Kuiper will make sure you get the protection you need.

Why take chances? Phone insurance is like health insurance and car breakdown cover – they are worth it, and are not scams. Depending on your situation, having phone insurance could really save the day.