Keeping IT Simple with our Service Desk

Keeping IT Simple with our Service Desk

Providing enterprise-class hardware, software and network support solutions that increase your productivity and maintain optimum system uptime.

There may be occasions when an organisations in-house IT Department may be overstretched or depleted. In some cases, you may not have the budget to employ full time IT expertise. Your organisation will still be required to safeguard your IT Systems and ensure they are working efficiently so that you can continue to operate effectively, especially now that many technologies are transitioning from physical devices to cloud and software-based applications.

That is why we have tried to make Kuiper Technology Service Desk a simple, user friendly, no nonsense solution to support you and your organisation.

If you expect your IT personnel to handle daily IT issues from your users as well as maintain your servers and networking, then you are not on your own. We service many organisations of all sizes who have all tried to adopt a “Do It Yourself” strategy in an attempt to keep operating costs down. What they tend to find is that IT professionals get inundated with simple user requests, but do not have the time to answer all of them in a timely manner. That then escalates to having many issues that an IT professional could do without which draws their focus away from more important IT tasks. This has an impact in time and financial resources long term. It may also mean that with the important IT issues going unnoticed you could end up with serious downtime.

Kuiper Technology Service Desk is here for you, to help safeguard your users, your IT systems and to help prevent the loss of your important resources. Visit our service desk page for more pricing.