Recession-proof Your Network with HPE Aruba Networking

Recession-proof Your Network with HPE Aruba Networking

Modernising a campus architecture using 5 key principles

Because of the current uncertain world economic outlook and inflationary pressures, businesses are being forced to reduce operational costs and do more with less.

At the same time, staffing resources are constrained due the ongoing ‘Great Resignation’ which has widened skills gaps and left IT teams overburdened and overwhelmed.

Kuiper and HPE Aruba Networking would like to illustrate how we can deliver an agile and flexible network that will ensure that your investments will support your needs well into the future.

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Recession-proof your Network with 5 key principles

Introduce higher scale management capabilities for new connectivity requirements
Add AI and automation to enhance IT efficiency
Build in security at the network edge
Re-evaluate the flexibility of your architecture
Choose a consumption model that better meets business outcomes, timelines, and budgets


The 5 steps outlined in this eBook provide a foundation to help your IT team better achieve their mission objectives. They can be implemented in any order or combination and can support additional priorities unique to your business. Reach out to Kuiper today to explore how our agile and flexible network solutions from HPE Aruba Networking can maximise your investments and propel your business forward.
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