1 Cloud Virtual Data Centre

1Cloud from Kuiper is a flexible, scalable Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) platform, built across 3 geographically diverse, tier 3 Data centres residing in the UK.

Using best-of-breed, enterprise-grade hardware, the Kuiper 1Cloud platform offers all of the resilience and scale that businesses have come to expect from cloud compute platforms but removes the elements that are sometimes unpredictable with many large scale public cloud offerings such as data ingress and egress charges, backhaul fees and operating system licence costs.

Using the simple pay as you use pricing model, our 1Cloud platform keeps things simple both from a management and commercial perspective, with a simple pay as you use pricing model with only 5 billable elements to consider. Our Platform is hosted across three UK Tier 3 data centres.

Each is a state-of-the-art facility boasts accreditations including ISO27001 & ISO9001 and provides the ideal environment to store your mission-critical data. It is also privately interconnected with dedicated network infrastructure, with the traffic separated using VLANs so that sensitive and critical data is kept entirely separate to the public internet.

Only Pay for what you use

1Cloud from Kuiper is extremely cost effective, with hourly billing and no fixed contract so you will have the ability to scale up and down as required. This allows your IT team to focus on business transformation projects rather than spending both time and money on on-premise infrastructure.

Key Features

Highly secure

Real time deployment with easy migration

100% uptime SLA available as an option

Full management online

Best of breed hardware

Key Benefits

Privately accessed and highly secure

Paperless ordering

No additional cost for data transit

Pay as you go pricing with no minimum term

Built in resilience and contingency of Tier 3 data centre environment

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