Acronis Advanced Disaster Recovery

Acronis Advanced Disaster Recovery

In today's volatile landscape, IT outages can strike at any moment, halting operations and draining resources by the minute. According to Opengear’s recent survey, 24% of respondents reported that they lost between £2,500 and £5,000 per minute during an IT outage.

From a natural disaster to a data breach and even an innocent error, an IT outage can come in many forms and happen at any time. Can you imagine the peace of mind knowing that your business is safeguarded by cutting-edge technology of Disaster Recovery from Acronis?

When was the last time you lost power and/or the internet crashed? What was the impact to your business? Did you lose any data or revenue? The truth is that everyday system outages and cyberattacks are shockingly common. When something bad like this happens, it’s not only frustrating, it can be devastating to your bottom line. That’s why it’s important to prepare for any IT disruption.

Calculate the cost of downtime The fact of the matter is that no business is immune from downtime, whether at the hands of Mother Nature, employee error, or even a cybercriminal. These factors can be applied to calculate actual downtime cost per hour. Bottom line? Downtime risks losing big money for your business.

Lost revenue

If your business is down, it simply cannot generate revenue. Consider your company’s gross annual revenue and calculate that per hour

Lost productivity

The cost of downtime increases when your employees are unable to work or are forced to perform non-revenue related activities

Cost to recover

What data was lost? What services and employee time was required to recover lost data?

Intangible costs

Any damage to reputation or brand results in dollars lost. Downtime can cast an unrecoverable shadow over your business





Check out Acronis' overview of service offerings, and let's explore how their tailored Disaster Recovery Managed Services seamlessly integrate into your business and make downtime a thing of the past.

What steps will our team take implementing your business’s Disaster Recovery Managed Services?

1. Take inventory and define your business’s key assets: We help prioritize your assets; whether business critical, important or noncritical. By doing so, it will help focus on recovering the most vital assets first so that your business can begin functioning again as quickly as possible.

2. Help you decide the best recovery window: What period of downtime can your business sustain? Is it within minutes, hours, days? This is done when defining your RTO and RPO.

3. Define your recovery solution: We will help determine the best way to replicate your data between multiple disaster recovery sites.

4. Test the disaster recovery solution and thereafter manage and maintain it: Even backups can fail in a disaster, so its paramount to test your replicated data and ensure it can be restored back to your business’s site. We repeat this step periodically to ensure the setup is working.

Reach out to our Disaster Recovery experts to arrange an initial consultation of your cyber security posture. We are here with you every step of the way to ensure your business doesn’t become a data disaster and you have complete peace of mind that you are protected from cyber security threats.

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