My1Login are an Award Winning Single Sign On (SSO/IAM) solution that integrates all applications, including thick client and flash sites. Minimum implementation overheads mean you are quickly up and running. My1Login combine making life easier for your users with helping ensure GDPR demands are met - organisations can fully protect ALL critical applications – even from Phishing and Shadow IT.

My1Login is the UK’s most secure, most widely-compatible, award-winning Enterprise IAM solution that enables organisations to mitigate password-related cyber-security risks, strengthen identity assurance and help meet critical compliance obligations such as GDPR. My1Login is an ideal solution, as this wholly UK-based provider offers an easily deployed IAM solution, comprising single sign-on (SSO), user account provisioning and privileged password management capabilities. It works with all applications across all devices and removes the need for multiple passwords.

My1Login Modules

SSO for Web & Mobile

•Integrates Target Apps With Connectors (e.g. SAML, OAuth)

•Integrates Target Apps Without Connectors

•Auto-Detects and Auto-Integrates Web Apps

•Directory Integration

•SSO Without Revealing Credentials

SSO for Legacy Desktop

•Integrates Target Apps Without Connectors

•Auto-Integrates Users’ Apps

•Citrix & Mainframe Compatible

•Local Cache (Offline Mode)

•Directory Integration

•SSO Without Revealing Credentials

Provisioning Engine

•Full Account Lifecycle Management

•Policy-based Enrolment

•Automated De-Provisioning

•Just-In-Time Provisioning

•Identity Standard Integration (e.g. SAML)

Multi-Factor Authentication

•Context-based Authentication

•Wide Range of Token Support

•Biometric, RF ID Card Support

•Flexible Policy: App, Group & Individual

•Mobile Push

Privileged Password Manager

•Enforce Password Policies on a Per-Application Basis

•Password Sharing - Admin to User

•Password Sharing - User to User (Where Permitted)

•Automatic Password Updates on Target Web Apps

•Automatic Password Updates on Target Thick-Client Apps

Self-service Password Reset

•AD Self-service Password Reset

•Reset From Mobile, Web Portal and Windows Desktop

•Challenge/Response, SMS, Biometric Authentication

•Password Policy Enforcement

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