When it comes to disaster recovery, the very word “disaster” conjures up images of fire and flooding, or, depending where you are, more extreme weather events such as Earthquakes and Hurricanes.

In reality, the disaster can be anything which results in the loss of your data or access to your network, with the most common cause actually being the most avoidable:

  • Simple human error — the most common cause — lost devices, mistyped commands etc.
  • Application or server crashes
  • Failure of hardware
  • Corrupted backups (Post Service Pack or Upgrade issues)

Disaster Recover solution RecoveryCloud

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When a disaster happens, getting your systems back up and running as quickly as possible is crucial to saving you money, keeping your customers happy and protecting your reputation. That’s where RTOs, or Recovery Time Objectives, are important – how soon after the data loss can you get it back? It can also be important to restore your systems and data to the state they were in as near as possible prior to the disaster occurring – and that’s where RPOs, or Recovery Point Objectives, come in.


DRaaS solutions can often have confusing pricing models, with CPU, RAM and bandwidth costs not included. Through our Disaster Recover partners, we offer an exceptionally simple pricing model for DRaaS – a one off set up fee then monthly recurring costs based on the number of protected VMs and storage per Terabyte. There’s no hidden extras – everything is included in the unit price.


Our DRaaS is accessed and managed through a secure and web accessed control panel. It’s a simple process to find the required backup and restore to the recovery platform. It’s just as simple to roll back to your primary infrastructure.


DRaaS can be manually tested at any time through the control panel, providing complete confidence that the service is performing as it should. In addition, and for extra security, we will provide a managed and certified invocation test at least once a year, included in the cost of the service.


There’s no need to worry that your recovery environment will be slower than your primary live environment. We guarantee that your recovered systems will perform at least as well as the live environment. You may find, with the Tier 1 infrastructure we have within the DRaas Solution that there’s even an improvement.


If a rapid RTO is crucial, it’s important to consider the amount of data transfer that would be required to get your systems back up and running. If there’s a high volume but you have a limited data pipe, this will lengthen the RTO. Through our Disaster Recover partners, we have access to the largest private dark fibre network in the UK and can, if necessary, provide a high speed connection from your primary site to our infrastructure.


Do you have a disaster recovery plan in place?

This seems like obvious, but many organisations simply don’t have any backup solutions in place. Everyone hopes that they’ll never be in the situation where they actually have to recover their systems and data, but statistics show that a majority of organisations will experience a loss of data at some point. The cost implications of that can potentially run into hundreds of thousands of pounds.

How often do you test it?

Obviously if you do have a DR plan in place, you’ve considered the risks and taken steps to mitigate them. But any solution should be tested regularly to ensure it delivers the performance that you need. Would it meet the RTOs or RPOs that are necessary or expected? Has the data been corrupted? How easy would it be to actually perform the restore? Organisations may think they have everything covered, but the reality may be quite different! Our DRaaS includes an annual managed test to answer these questions.

How would we actually invoke disaster recovery?

Our DRaaS is triggered by logging into the secure web portal and initiating the recovery process. And that’s it. Traditional DR solutions can involve hunting through tape backups, potentially held in an offsite location that may be some distance from the primary site. With our DRaaS Solution, that process is fully automated.

How long would it take to be back up and running?

The primary consideration for most businesses – while some could withstand some downtime without too much impact, any length of time will have financial implications. For some organisations, this can run into hundreds of thousands of pounds an hour. That’s why Recovery Time Objectives are so important and why our DRaaS can deliver RTOs measured in a few minutes or less.

What’s the process for restoring files and applications? Is it manual or automated?

Manually restoring your data can be extremely time consuming and complex. With every minute of downtime affecting your revenue and reputation, it’s vital to minimise that time. The automated one click disaster recovery from our DRaaS solution alleviates that concern.

Do we have the internet connectivity to cope with our volume of data?

This should be an obvious consideration, but it’s often overlooked when preparing a disaster recovery plan in the cloud! Your DR solution can be performing well under normal circumstances, backing up data, storing it securely and can even have a one click automated recovery process. But how much data would you actually have to restore in a disaster and how well would your internet connection cope with the volume of data travelling along it? Through our partners, we have one of the largest privately owned data centre infrastructures in the UK, including a high speed dark fibre network which, for an additional fee, we can connect to your premises. This would significantly improve your RTOs.

How would we rollback from the recovery site?

Another often overlooked aspect of disaster recovery: once your primary infrastructure has been recovered, repaired or replaced with a new cloud environment, how do you get your data and applications back? With our DRaaS, it’s just as easy to rollback as it is to fail over in the first; simply log in to the control panel and trigger the process.

Paul Leonard, ABP Food Group

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Paul Leonard, ABP Food Group
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I am so proud of our team and I would challenge anyone to find a more committed, attentive and flexible organisation anywhere else. Each person works tirelessly to develop and improve themselves, our company and our customers.

Stuart Hall, Director
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Kuiper is our one stop shop for all our IT requirements, from hardware to support we lean on Steve and his team to advise us. Steve is our trusted business partner and he has never let us down. Would recommend him every time.

Harvinder Singh, Eurosonic Group Limited
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Kuiper had been very persistent in wanting to talk to us and were quick to propose Huawei’s video conferencing solution. On seeing a demonstration at Huawei’s centre in the Netherlands, we were immediately impressed with what we saw and decided to include it in our selection process.

Stephen Walters, P&O Ferrymasters
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We have been working with Kuiper as our IT equipment and software supplier for 4 years. Our account manager has always been available to answer any queries and liaise with the manufacturers to select the best product for our needs, and at the right price!

Neil Chippett, MJ Abbott Ltd
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We believe that through the solutions we provide, we can have a massive impact on the way our customers do business, changing them for the better. We are committed to our people, dedicated to our customers and passionate about being the very best we can be.

Neil Jelley, Head of Sales
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Kuiper have been an I.T supplier and trusted adviser for the past 4 years. They have been collaborative in their approach and have supported us with integrity over the period of our relationship.

Sean Sanpher, PPB Ltd
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I am responsible for ensuring that our customers are supported day to day and getting the right information they need at the right time. No day is ever the same and has its challenges but I always go home with a smile on my face.

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The College has been working with the Sales and Technical team at Kuiper for a number of years and they have consistently provided the college with great advice, technical resource and competitive pricing.

James Meenaghan, Grantham College
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I’ve been at the company for 6 years and there’s never a dull moment. I enjoy working with our amazing team every single day and we are all very supportive of each other.

Adam McManus, Digital Marketing Executive
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Having worked with the Kuiper team for many years they have become a trusted and valuable supplier of many IT projects during this time and always provide an efficient, honest and competitive service in everything they provide us.

John Whitehead, Romo Fabrics
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I have the privilege of being account manager for some of our key clients. I serve each of them to the best of my ability and pride myself in going above and beyond. I am their trusted advisor and ensure I am available for them around the clock.

Steve Randhawa, Senior Business Development Manager
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We trust Kuiper to look after our IT Systems and rely on their helpdesk to support our users. Kuiper not only provide ongoing assistance, but we value their advice and guidance when it comes to understanding what we need to keep our business running. I’m happy to recommend Kuiper for all your IT needs.

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I really enjoy coming to work and being part of a successful growing company. I feel that I’m a valued member of the team and that everyone has my best interests at heart.

Ronnie-Leigh Kelman, Inside Sales Manager
John Askew, Carter Thermal Industries Ltd

Kuiper are now assisting with our Windows 7 to 10 hardware refresh, as well as assisting with our imaged hardware supplies in Carters 75th year of trading.

John Askew, Carter Thermal Industries Ltd

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