Kuiper PushShare

Kuiper PushShare

PUSHSHARE - Simple Wireless Mirroring

PushShare enables smooth collaboration during meetings by allowing participants to wirelessly mirror their devices to their chosen display for more productive meetings.

Once the PushShare Dongle is connected to your device of choice via the Receiving Unit, a simple push of the button will start wirelessly sharing the device’s display to your display instantly. This simple system suits user behaviour, so anyone can use it without the need for training – maximising the return on your investment.

Dongle + Receiver - Price Only £500 (ex VAT)


One button push for simple wireless mirroring.


The PushShare Receiving Unit is compatible with any HDMI Display.

EASY INTEGRATION WITH EXISTING HARDWARE: The PushShare Receiving Unit was designed for easy integration with existing hardware. Just connect via HDMI (or VGA and 3.5mm audio) to legacy equipment and experience the full power of PushShare.

SHARE CONTENT FROM MOBILE DEVICES: The free PushShare app enables users to wirelessly mirror from mobile devices and tablets to the Receiving Unit in the same way as when using the traditional PushShare dongle. The user friendly app is compatible with both iOS and Android devices.


Thanks to the PushShare Nest, meeting room collaboration has never been easier. By ensuring your PushShare dongles are right there when you need them, wireless mirroring and file sharing is a totally effortless experience. Simply grab your dongle from the holder then connect, push and share! (Dongles sold separately)


Partcode: PSDV1
PushShare Dongle - £145

Partcode: PSRV1
PushShare Receiving Unit - £355

Partcode: PSNV1
PushShare Nest - £25

All prices ex VAT

Price breaks available for quantity. For more information on PushShare please contact your account manager today.