Cisco Meraki

Cisco Meraki

A new reality forces us to do things differently.

Cisco Meraki cloud-managed security appliances deliver an ‘in-office’ experience to you and your employees without the cost or complexity of traditional architectures, allowing you to:

•    Create pop-up services with little infrastructure
•    Maintain accessibility even when employees can’t leave their homes
•    Keep call centres and sales teams running remotely 
•    Maintain critical business operations securely while off-site


About Cisco Meraki


Why would you consider Cisco Meraki? Most common employee chjallenges are:

•    Variable connectivity
•    Unpredictable software as a service application performance
•    Reliance on video conferencing due to lack of VoIP access
•    Consumer-grade network security

Why Meraki is the Answer:

•    Zero-touch provisioning mean no pre-staging or on-site configuration
•    Extend network to all major operating everywhere with the built-in client VPN
•    Identify and solve problems remotely, with network visibility and troubleshooting tools
•    Ensure the network only extends to trusted devices with 802.1X authentication
•    Cellular and secondary WAN ports for redundancy to keep your employees connected
•    Troubleshoot application performance across a diverse user base with MI analytics