GOODRAM Antibacterial USB

GOODRAM Antibacterial USB


UME CARE was created for those for whom safety and hygiene are important, especially in the office space. Thanks to the Biomaster technology, the product housing contains silver ions with bactericidal properties. Consequently, the product is completely protected from bacteria throughout the entire period of use. Antibacterial properties of the UME CARE have been guaranteed by laboratory tests. After 24 hours, the reduction of microorganisms on the UME CARE surface is up to 99%.

BIOMASTER Technology

  • Biomaster is proven to inhibit the growth of microbes by up to 99.99%.
  • It is based on silver ion technology, recognised for centuries with no harmful effects.
  • Biomaster is a technology that has been tested many times, also according to ISO standards.
  • Biomaster is effective for the intended lifetime of the product it’s added to. It is built-in and doesn’t wear off or leach out.
  • The germicide is odorless and cannot be seen. It does not affect the product in any visible way, apart from making it antibacterial.
  • Biomaster-treated polimer can be recycled effectively without any complications.

Available capacities:
16 GB - From £3.31
32 GB - From £3.36
64 GB - From £5.58
128 GB - From £10.76

• Housing with antibacterial properties
• Use of silver ions in the housing
• Design and production in Poland
• Splash resistant
• USB 3.0 interface
• Lifetime Warranty

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