Parallels RAS

Parallels RAS

Extend Remote Access To Ensure Business Continuity

If you’re contemplating a quick solution to enable a remote-work mandate in response to the COVID-19 outbreak, Kuiper and Parallels RAS have designed a solution to meet your needs. For further information, please contact us

  • Parallels enables teleworking instantly
  • All your business applications can be securely available on any device, from any location, anytime.
  • Keep your employees safe and productive by creating working from home (WFH) workspace environments.

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When working remotely, it's important to continue communicating with your team and manager. These days there are numerous tools to utilize for video conferencing and calling. For example, Skype and ClearSlide are useful - not only to lessen social isolation but beneficial for 'checking in' which each other. It's essential to connect weekly to chat about your goals, future projects, and daily tasks. Don't forget to chat about all the progress you're making and workload sizes to your manager.

Rely on your community

It’s recommended you join ‘real world’ or remote communities to establish extra support and connections if you’re a remote worker. Either join a group virtually or in-person at a co-working space or collective. Relying more on community groups helps beginners to traverse the remote working world and be productive while enjoying the benefits of being able to work from any location.


Create your workspace

To be able to concentrate on the tasks you need to deliver when working remotely, it’s imperative to find a workspace where you feel comfortable to focus - whether that be a co-working office, a local coffee shop, or a space at home. Whatever the location, make sure it’s somewhere that motivates and inspires you to work to the best of your ability.


Take time for yourself

While remote working provides you with the flexibility to work your own hours, it’s possible to find yourself getting stuck in front of the computer screen without taking regular breaks. Remember to eat nutritious food and commit to any exercise regimes you have, whether it be going to the gym or for a walk to clear your mind. With increased flexibility, you can create a healthy work-life balance, which will, in turn, allow you to be focused and productive when you need to be.


Remember to "log off"

With the world becoming increasingly connected through emails, social media, and messaging apps, it’s initially challenging to ‘log off’ from all notifications at specific times. For example, if you are working in a different time zone with your co-workers, it’s important to set a time to ‘log off’ for the night. It’s not a good idea to set a standard that you’re available 24/7 - be sure only to work when you’re most productive.


Enjoy the perks of working remotely

Whether you’re working from home or a digital nomad traveling the world, make the most of being able to work when you want, using your device of choice. You no longer need to spend time commuting and endure office distractions, increasing productivity. Finally, enjoy the freedom and flexibility that remote working provides!




Take advantage of the cloud with Parallels RAS! Our comprehensive, cloud-ready VDI solution supports on-premises, hybrid, and public cloud deployments such as Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services™ (AWS), and Microsoft Azure®.


If you have any questions, or would like a free trial to see he benefits for yourself, get in touch with us today!