Protect yourself online with My1Login

Protect yourself online with My1Login

We're all guity of using the same passwords or slight variants, whether it be for personal accounts or business logins the online world can be a very dangerous place if you don't protect yourself properly.

The average cost of data breach for a UK company being £3.6 million, with 65% of data breach attacks are caused by weak passwords, practices and phishing.

My1Login enables you to ensure that passwords protecting privileged accounts adhere to your corporate password policy. The use of long, strong, high-entropy passwords for all accounts mitigates the risk of suffering a data breach.

Listed below are few reasons why My1Login is the perfect solution to take control of business passwords, reduce employee downtime and eliminate security threats:

  • Provision users for access to specific cloud, mobile and legacy desktop apps
  • Enforce password policies on a per-application basis
  • Enforce company-wide user access policies
  • IP Allow & Deny List
  • App Inclusion & Exclusion List - receive alerts when users access new web apps
  • Apply multi-factor authentication on a per user and per app basis
  • Enable sharing on an admin to user and user to user (where permitted) basis.

Now you might be thinking this doesn't apply to me, but you'd be very surprised how often alot of us use the same passwords thinking they are safe but are actually very common!

Recently NordPass posted some very interesting stats about Independent researchers, who requested to stay anonymous, compiled and shared a list of 200 most popular passwords that were leaked in data breaches just this year.

Here are the top 10:

1: 12345

2: 123456

3: 123456789

4: test1

5: password

6: 12345678

7: zinch

8: g_czechout

9: asdf

10: qwerty

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