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Welcome to the Revolution, the revolution of networking connectivity. We know that is a bold statement to be making but that’s why we use it.

Connect To My Office is a completely game-changing solution that is revolutionising network connectivity as we know it, with WANs, LANs, and VPNs having had their time. The headache of complexity, huge expense and continual troubleshooting is no more.

Connect To My Office is a world first, no one else is doing or can do what we do. It is a truly unique solution that is built on deep technical experience as a response to the frustrations and needless complexity of working with traditional networking solutions such as MPLS networks and VPN.

Simple, seamless, and slick, Connect To My Office gives you military grade security and total connectivity anytime, anywhere and across every device. And with near endless application for any organisation, industry, or sector, you’ll be completely covered no matter your network needs.

Kuiper and Connect To My Office are taking things in a brand-new direction, breaking boundaries and will change the face of networking forever.


Connect To My Office fixes the fundamental flaws of all current and future networking solutions.

Issue: Legacy networking solutions are reliant on complex hardware, meaning it’s tricky to scale easily and requires lots of specialist support, meaning things can become very expensive.

Solution: Connect To My Office is cloud-native, so you can ramp up support for as many users and devices as you need quickly and efficiently.

Issue: Legacy networking solutions use a single connection, meaning they can be insecure, unreliable, and can cause significant amounts of downtime.

Solution: Connect To My Office uses multiple data streams, giving you unrivalled protection, speed and uptime.

Issue: Legacy networking solutions often secure the network and do not consider the security of the devices connected to them.

Solution: Connect To My Office secures both the network and the devices connected to it. This gives you peace of mind that remote users are adopting the same security policies from your existing “security wall” that internal users would have as if they were sitting at their desk in the office. Connect To My Office means you have a secure encrypted connection no matter where you are.

Connect To My Office is the only single solution that fixes all these fundamental flaws.

Why you should join the network revolution?

The revolution is for EVERYONE

Every individual and business should have the right to a securely encrypted, reliable and resilient connection whilst online. Complete confidence in network security should not be exclusive to those who have the deepest pockets and who can afford the facilities and hardware this normally requires.

Whether you’re a start-up, SME, multinational blue-chip (or anywhere in-between), Connect To My Office will work for you, your business and, most importantly your users.

Connect To My Office truly democratizes secure networking, making it affordably possible for anyone, anywhere, anytime.

The revolution is Simple. Seamless. Slick

Connect To My Office looked at the complex and complicated traditional approach to secure networking and said: “Here’s a better way”. As simple to use as opening your laptop, with Connect To My Office you can be instantly and securely connected to your network and ready to go before you’ve even logged in.

An always-on, secure encrypted connection means that time wasted logging back in or reconnecting after something “goes down” is now a thing of the past.

You can set up and deploy Connect To My Office in a matter of minutes, without the hassle of negotiating a complex labyrinth of legacy solutions to manage or configuration tasks to navigate.

Connect To My Office is the only technology that creates a connection across any internet carrier that’s as simple, seamless, and slick as directly connected devices in the same room.

Game Changing Technology

Connect To My Office's proprietary approach removes the bottlenecks of every old and new networking alternative:

  • • Connect To My Office are the answer to 76% of corporate network attacks.
  • • Connect To My Office are the first to fulfil the latest autonomous vehicle regulations (UN155, ISO 21434).
  • • Connect To My Office fix the critical communication challenges faced by armed forces in challenging environments.

Unrivalled uptime and speed with Multi-bit Splicing

Connect To My Office's unique algorithmic approach slices your data into efficient, compact packages that can be sent securely across multiple connections at the same time.

Multi-bit splicing allows an always-on connection across any internet carrier including 4G/5G and satellite – even when travelling at speed or with poor connectivity.

The first direct connection across any open network with our pathfinding AI, VEN.

Connect To My Office's pathfinding AI, VEN (Virtual Extended Network), places a waypoint on every connected device wherever it is in the world – milliseconds before data is sent.

As well as directing your spliced data via the most efficient route, VEN repackages the multi-bits and fixes errors. Connect To My Office have created the first adjacent node connection across the internet.

Connect To My Office’s unparalleled Control and Security

Connect To My Office's quantifiably the most secure approach to connecting distributed devices.

Connect To My Office's multi-bit splicing and pathfinding AI (VEN) allows you to pass any protocol with unparalleled security and efficiency.

Push security patches, permissions, new features… without reliance on end-user action.

The Power of Connect To My Office

Our Solution

Connect To My Office is the only provider to overcome the industry recognised technical hurdle of “Local Area Network” over “Wide Area Network”. In essence, this means Connect To My Office can connect devices across the globe in a manner that’s as secure as directly connected devices in the same room.


Unrivalled speeds and uptime across any network type.

(Internet, 4G/5G, satellite – any wireless technology)


The first protocol to secure the device and not just the connection. Avoid the endpoint attacks that affected 68%* of companies in 2020.


Quickly scale to support millions of devices concurrently.

Connect To My Office are the most cost-effective and safest way to scale your connected ecosystem.


David Sweet - iQuila Ltd CEO/CTO

Although a start-up organization, the concept of iQuila was born from years of frustration within the Managed Services and IT support sector.

With over 25 years experience in IT, the directors of iQuila ran a successful MSP and recognized connectivity issues as a recurring issue that accounted for a significant portion of support tickets and engineering resource allocation. After over 2 years of development, iQuila was launched as a premium connectivity solution to address these points.

David Sweet, CEO, and CTO of iQuila VEN says:

"iQuila was designed to deliver enhanced levels of network connectivity, that is easy to deploy and offers complete security to typically vulnerable endpoints. However, what started out initially as an alternative to VPN and SD-WAN, has developed into what we consider to be the next generation in connectivity. With iQuila any type of device with an IP address can be secured and controlled as if it was plugged into a head office network, regardless of where it is, anywhere in the world. All that is required is an internet connection."

Case Studies


Global innovators in the field of nutritional supplements.

Edenstone Homes

Building high quality homes in South Wales and the South West of England.


Penlon is a world-class British medical device company, established in 1943.

The Hollins School

A coeducational secondary school located in Accrington, Lancashire.

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